Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Kind of Miss Deja Vu

Remember deja vu? That odd feeling you've been in that situation before, saying those words, listening to someone else say those words? It's a strange sort of minute or two.

I was talking to my friend, Dennis, last week, who happened to be in town for a family reunion and whom I haven't seen since the college years, and the subject came up. We compared notes and realized neither of us had experienced deja vu in a long time -- several years, in fact. Since we're roughly the same age, I wondered how many others in the 40-something category have quit having those deja vu moments. Or is it just us?

He mentioned that he'd read someone's near-death experience (he couldn't remember whose or I would go and find the exact quote for you), and the author stated that deja vu happened because we'd been given an overview of our lives before we were born. That assumes, of course, that each of us existed in some coherent, intelligent state before being born on earth (which I happen to believe, since I believe the soul is eternal), but it doesn't answer the question of why deja vu would stop after a certain age. In my case, and assuming what the author said is correct, did I see enough and say, "Yes! Sign me up! I'm ready to go"? Or did I make a turn somewhere on my road of life and choose a different path, thus negating any future deja vu moments because I'm now treading new ground?

I don't really care either way. I was just wondering why the deja vu thing was over for me, but if I have another deja vu moment, I'll be sure to note it with surprise and curiosity. Now that I'm really aware, I'll be looking.

Friday, July 27, 2012


This makes the 10th time I've begun this post. The only reason for all the false starts is that I am writing so much for work that I can't stop editing myself into oblivion when it comes to writing for my own pleasure.

But just so you know, I'm still here. And here are some highlights of my summer thus far:

I gave myself a very effective pedicure with Husband's orbital sander and some fine-grit paper. If you have been assuming that combining power tools with beauty maintenance is a win/win situation, you are absolutely correct (exhibit A: the power sander for facial skin cleansing that's all the rage on infomercials). It was a bit ticklish, and one must keep the sander moving constantly to avoid burning the skin, but now I can confidently wear my strappy leather heels without feeling at all self-conscious. Plus, it saved hours of sitting around using a hand file, even if I justify the watching of a movie during that type of pedicure.

Sian and I have been taking an organ playing workshop from Linnea. Our skills will be put to the test on Sunday during church.

Husband landed an agent for his book! The agent is now pitching the book to purchasing editors of major New York publishing houses. This is a huge step, and we've been very pleased, but we haven't started spending money like he's J.K. Rowling just yet. Meanwhile, Husband has completed the outline and first few chapters of the next book in the series, which his agent strongly encouraged. While Husband thought selling a standalone from an unknown author would be easier, the agent told him that in the YA fantasy genre, they're happy to get series (serieses?).

I'm just a little bit overwhelmed with my to-do list of responsibilities lately.

For your information, this post took me nearly three hours to complete. Maybe editing can turn into a disease at some point: you become so worried about getting it just right that you can no longer write anything at all, and eventually my blog posts -- when I publish anything -- will consist of a single word. Or letter.