Sunday, May 2, 2010

This is SUCH a Mommy Blog!

Two of my girls decided to start their own Mommy Blogs. No, they're not mothers (Sophia is 11, Elannah is 9), but for some reason, they started blogs about being mothers of a couple kids each. They thought it would be fun. What I find hilarious is that they have absolutely no idea what motherhood is really like, so someone reading their blogs who didn't know they weren't actually parents would probably try to call DCFS on them. Although the blogs are meant to be funny, maybe it's actually a really horrible commentary on me. Or, as I'd rather think of it, a flattering imitation of how absolutely literary and intelligently humorous I am. Yes, that's what I'm going with.

Husband and I went to try out for our city's Choral Arts Society yesterday evening. We went to one of their recent performances and were blown away by it, so when the director announced try-outs were Saturday (yesterday), I was very eager. Husband, not so much; but, because he's a good sport, he came with me. The only reason he's not as excited is because he doesn't sight-read music, although he can sing just fine. Plus, the rehearsals are all on Saturday evenings.

The rehearsal was so much fun. The people are so kind (including Linnea, who was the source of many witty and hilarious comments), and the music is seriously challenging. I'm not sure if we actually are in or not, though, because we missed the part where we had to stand up and sing "The Star Spangled Banner" a cappella in front of the group.